Hunting North America's premier big game, the Rocky Mountain Bull Elk, is as much a privilege as it is a rewarding challenge. The eastern slopes of the Cascade Mountain range provide a perfect habitat and varied diet for elk herds, not to mention beautifully scenic hunting country.

The White River Game Unit includes terrific timber cover as well as acres of managed, rotating wheat land - an irresistible delicacy to these hooved giants. This Unit requires a tag, but the tag is not subject to a drawing.

Elk Hunts are based from our fully-outfitted, private camp where we've tied tent poles to the same old fir trees and told stories around the same fire ring for over three decades of successful hunting. Our clients enjoy ample, woodstove-heated accommodations and first-rate camp cooking. Excellent local meat processing facilities are available for packing and shipping.

The first season hunt occurs the last week of October. The second season is the 2nd week of November. Requires no special tag drawing.

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