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The numbers of steelhead coming over The Dalles Dam will grow from recent August counts of 400 fish per day to 7,000+ fish per day as the days pass into September. The counts on Chinook and Coho salmon will climb rapidly as August dwindles and the prime steelhead and salmon fishing season comes with the days of September, October and early November.
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Chinook caught off the mouth of the Deschutes River during August and September run from 25 to 40 pounds with occasional fish running bigger. The prime steelhead and salmon season is upon us!

The best steelhead and salmon fishing the Columbia is ongoing and will continue through October and into early November. The renowned “upriver brights” are the huge Chinook that crowd the river during the fall of the year.

Too, the 8 to 10 pound steelhead caught during August will morph into 15 to 25 pound trophy class, “B-run” fish as September edges into October.

Whether you are a seasoned angler or a novice hunter, Glenn offers your trip one to remember for a lifetime. Book your adventure with one of the top fishing guides in the Columbia River Basin.

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My Catfish trip on the John Day River with The Angelo family from Vancouver, Washington was a bloomin' success! We had our hands full with channel cats from 2# to 15#!

With over four decades of experience hunting the Columbia River Basin and surrounding area, Glenn knows more than just the "lay of the land." He takes pride in offering an exceptional value and a memorable hunting adventure for every level of expertise.