Oregon's Columbia River offers some of the most exciting Steelhead fishing imaginable. Annually, hundreds of thousands of Steelhead enter the Columbia River and are pursued by anglers from around the world. Steelhead are the most aggressive fish in the river, putting up a tremendous fight! Numerous jumps and runs are common when hooking a Steelhead.

As the hot part of August passes and the golden days of September and October fall on the Columbia, the real trophy fishery begins. Twenty (yes, 20!) pound steelhead are no exception and 40-pound "Upriver Bright" salmon are common enough to hardly raise an eyebrow among the locals.

The "B" run steelhead start arriving in late August, carrying through the mid-Columbia to the latter days of December. The premier run of hatchery fish, these steelhead commonly tip the scale at 14-16 pounds, with 20-25 pound fish taken periodically in the boats trolling various parts of the mid-Columbia.
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