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On my first trip, I hunted out of Carl Erasmus’ Mbabala Safaris in the Limpopo Region of the RSA. I took this good Impala, a deer sized Antelope with trophy sized horns.

My PH Koos and I stalked different herds for a couple of days before we found this big guy. He was as summer red as an August whitetail buck and smelled as sweet. One 210-grain Nosler partition from my .338 WM did the job.

The best trophy of my first trip to the Limpopo Region of Northern South Africa was a beautiful 16-inch Bushbuck. But that ram was overshadowed by this great 38-inch Eland.

This bull weighed a ton. Yes, a ton. Believe it or not, these antelope can jump an 8-foot fence. We chanced onto this huge bull while chasing kudu. He was running with about a dozen other eland and Carl and I had to wait for them to spread out so I could shoot him. One shot from my 7mm dropped him to his knees. Then I put one more 160-grain Nosler partition into him for a keeper.

On my second trip over to the RSA I booked a safari with David Tennent Hunting Safaris to hunt for southern or Cape Buffalo along with Kudu and Nyala.

We spent an interminable amount of time trekking over hill and dale and across dingy streams to finally corner this great bull. At 50 yards one 300-grain, .375 A-frame bullet from my Ruger RSM put this huge bull on the ground within 60 yards.

He carried a tremendous 17-inch boss and massive horns. I paid the insurance with another 300-grain A-frame and a childhood dream became reality.

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